MAJ444 Major HIT-444 Drillmaster kit

  • Backset Can Be Changed From 2-3/8" To 2-3/4" With A Turn Of A Knob
  • Interchangeable Adapters Allow The Use Of Auger Bits, Multi Spur Bits, Or Hole Saws
  • Multi-Spur Guide Is Removable To Allow The Use Of Hole Saws For Steel Door Installation.
  • Good For Steel Doors, Jaws Are Soft-Padded To Protect Door Surface

Kit includes:
1-HIT-44, Drill Master.
1-1" Brad Point Bit.
1-2 1/8" Multi-Spur Bit.
1-3-in-1 Latch Marker.
1-Strike Marker 1 1/8" x 2 3/4".
1-Quick Release Bit Adapter.
1-1" Strike Locator.
1-Tool Box.