MAJ44 Major drill master

  • Good For Steel Doors! Retrofit Doors for Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Jaws are soft-padded to protect door surface insuring a firm grip
  • Back-set can be changed from 2-3/8"/ to 2-3/4"/ with a turn of a knob
  • Interchangeable adaptors allow the use of Auger Bits, Multi-Spur Bits or Hole Saws
  • Multi-Spur Guide is removable to allow the use of Hole Saws for steel door installations
  • Accessories available:
    • 1"/ Brad Point Bit (MAJ44B15)
    • 2-1/8"/ Carbide Tipped Multi-Spur Bit (MAJ44B22)
    • 1-1/2"/ and 2-1/8"/ Breakout Collar Set (MAJ44BP2).