2900815 Router For Fitting Hinges FR129VB (120V)


Special router for installation of all kind of hinges on frames and door leaves. Easy fitting of 3 or 4 hinges per door (right or left open), without measurements and marking.
New and easily adjusted clamp system holds the router perfectly on the door and frame, without damaging its surface. Installation of the template is also very fast, it’s fixed and ready to use by pressing it inside the guide.

Installation of concealed hinges in fast and one step operation. Double depth stopper allows to mortise both depths of concealed hinges in one operation, without changing the template.

Standard square hinges of 1/4" radius can be done straight away with included 1/2" bit by adjusting the stoppers to correct positions. Can also make square hinges with 5/8" radius

Router it’s equipped with strong 1000 W motor, electronic speed regulation and electronic system to maintain constant speed under load.

For fitting standard square hinges

For fitting concealed hinges
For fitting cremone locks.
For fitting strikes plates
Spacers for rabbets highest than 13 mm.

Carrying case included.


Input power: 1000 W
Chuck Diameter: 1/4"
Weight: 11 Lbs
Performance Dimensions:
Milling cutting travel
In length: 6-1/2" or 165 mm
Sideways: 3" or 74 mm
Minimum opening between clamp vises: 1-5/16" or 33mm
Maximum opening between clamp vises: 10" or 250 mm
Cutter bit maximum diameter: 1" or 25 mm
Maximum Milling Depth: 7/16" or 11 mm
Maximum Milling Depth (with kit for concealed hinges): 1- 1/2" or 40 mm

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