26-6808-00 95/Sig Magnum Scaled Index Bar with Jamb Stop


This kit is almost the same as the kit (26-6804-00). It adds the necessary parts to do 9’-0” doors. When machining doors to match an existing frame the most time consuming part of the job is laying out the locations for the lock height and the hinges. The scaled index bar allows for direct reading of the lock height and hinge locations by utilizing three scales. One scale for the lock location and two scales for the hinge locations. There is no longer any need to layout the door. The operator only needs to know the distance from the top of the door to the center of the lock bore and the distance from the top of the door to the top of each hinge location. The scaled index bar fits in the same location as the standard quick change index bar. This bar can be installed and removed as easily as any other index bar.

This kit is for Magnums serial number DJ-2001-95 and above.

Qty Part # Disc.
2 13-632 Rule
2 13-633 Rule
2 5578-006 Spring
1 6800-707 Left stop assembly
1 6800-710 Right stop assembly
1 6805-038 Scale bar end (left)
1 6805-039 Scale bar end (right)
2 6805-040 Scale bar tab
1 6805-041 Scale bar
1 6805-043 Slotted sub index block
1 6805-046 Door stop tab (right)
2 6805-057 Door stop
 1  6805-058 Door stop tab (left)
1 6805-121 Slotted index lock weldment
2;   1/4" x 3/8" shoulder bolt