11-797 Miniature circuit breaker

  • 3 poles
  • 32 A
  • Energy Limiting Design - Protects Downstream Components Better than Conventional Breakers During Short Circuits
  • Field Mountable Options for Selective Applications
  • IP2x Finger-Protection (Front)
  • International Approvals - CE Marked, and Meets UL, CSA, and IEC (VDE, GL) Standards for Worldwide Acceptance
  • Ratings to 480Y/277V AC @ 240/415V AC - 10 000 A Interrupt Rating
  • AC and DC Voltage Ratings - in One Convenient Device
  • A Positively Trip-Free Mechanism (Breaker Operation Cannot be Defeated by Holding the Handle in the ON Position)
  • Superior Shock and Vibration Resistance Capabilities - Helps to Prevent Nuisance Tripping
  • Mounts on DIN Rail