FRE608 Dial-a-width stacked dado set


Chip Free Dadoes In Veneered Plywoods and Laminates

The Dial-A-Width Dado set performs like a stacked dado, but we have replaced the shims with a patented dial system and with our exclusive Dial hub, ensures accurate adjustments. Each “click” of the dial adjusts the blade by .004". The Dial-A-Width dado set is easy to use, and very precise. For the serious woodworker, there’s nothing better.

  • Adjusts in .004" increments.
  • Maximum 29/32" cut width.
  • Adjusts easily to right or left operating machines.
  • Set includes 2 outside blades, 5 chippers, wrench and carrying case.
  • Does not need shims.
  • 8" BLADE
  • 24 TEETH
  • 5/8" ARBOR