910-012 Bolt head bit for plug installation

  • Eliminates damaged doors and jambs caused by failures of the duplex nail during assembly and/or shipping
  • Installs in seconds -- Raised cross-tee features on the bolt assure faster and easier assembly in the shop and disassembly in the field
  • Saves time of predrilling hardwood or pre-finished jambs
  • Telegraphs misalignment of strike prep and edge bore before the door unit leaves the shop
  • Excellent for heavy metal doors, where other devices fail.
  • Acts as an alignment guide for the installer while hanging the door unit
  • Performs as a latchbolt on 2-3/8"/ backsets on exterior door units during construction to keep entry door or swinging patio door closed without use of wedges or other devices
  • Reusable and recyclable.
  • Sold in eaches
  • Because of drop ship status, this product does not ship free freight.