DOR3300 Jamb, hinge & strike fixture

  • Combination Jamb Prep Machine.
  • Includes 3 hinge/1 strike template sets in base unit price.
  • DoorTech’s 3300 is designed for commercial jamb preparation for hinges and strike mortises.
  • Its flexibility can be utilized for accurate and efficient architectural and residential applications.
  • The DoorTech jamb hinge and strike system consists of two different systems brought together on one base.
  • The 3100 is for hinge mortising and the 3200 is for strike mortising.
  • This equipment offers a breakthrough depth control system which automatically adjusts the depth of cut when you change templates.
  • No router adjustments are required.
  • DoorTech's system prevents costly mistakes with quality manufactured products.
  • Changing setup is rapid, simple and positive through the use of dedicated tools and clear instructions.
  • Clearly labeled end stops provide for quick change from right to left hand doors.
  • Includes filter, regulator and lubricator (FRL) for connection to existing air system.
  • Foot valve activates air clamps, keeping both hands free for jamb positioning.
  • Phenolic templates are durable and clearly labeled.
  • Maximum jamb thickness = 1-1/2"
  • Maximum jamb length = 9-1/2'
  • Speed - Quick setups are achieved through the use of dedicated tools, quick-change templates and clear, easy-to-use instructions.
  • Versatility - Fully adjustable unit and multiple templates allow for almost any jamb prep to be accomplished.
  • Quality - Detailed instructions, clearly labeled precision-made fixtures and dedicated setup guides give that “right the first time” accuracy.

DoorTech’s jamb prep machines are not covered by the Norfield 60-day, no-hassle warranty.