TEMWD2 Door holder


A precision hand crafted tool made from exterior grade Baltic Birch and select clear Maple. This all wood door holder uses a simplewedge design to clamp firmly onto the door and prevent it from moving while you are planing, routing for hinge mortises or lock installation preparation. Because it is all wood you will never damage an expensive door by scratching or gouging it from a metal part. It's a real time saver with its instant in, instant out feature. The wedge design will not allow the tool to open, unlike spring loaded or gravity activated metal door holders. Fold-a-way feet allow for a firm and stable work surface. Height of tool from the floor to the top is 20" and the base is a full 24" x 11" with the feet extended, no tipping over while you're trying to insert a door and it is so steady and secure, unlike most metal door holders you only need one, no need to buy two. This is the tool you would make if you had the time.