TEM202 Double bore fixture with magnets


double Bore Master Fixture

Duel Bore Master Jig with Magnetic Spur Bit Retention. This double fixture is made from solid aluminum castings just like our single Bore Master fixture. Four user replaceable bronze bushings guide the four spur bits and produce exact bores at 90 degrees to each other on 5-1/2" centers. This Model BM-202M Duel Bore Master fixture has a fixed centerline of 5-1/2" (optional centers available) and will bore two latch bore and two cross bore holes with the same set up. Bore for deadbolts at the same time you bore for the lockset. We’ve also installed two high power magnets at the 2-1/8” bore boss positions to retain the spur bits in the retracted position. You won’t drop an expensive 2-1/8” Carbide bit out of the fixture or run the 1” bit into the 2-1/8” bit and cause damage to the bits. These magnets are strong and hold the 2-1/8'' bits in the retracted position. We recommend using Carbide Tipped Spur Bits for this ‘Production Duel Fixture.’ For door thickness 1” to 2-1/2” and lock back spacing of 2-3/8” and 2-3/4”. Fixture only, boring bits are not included. See Spur Bits under the 'cutting tools' listing for Carbide Bits. Note: only 2 magnets installed, no magnets installed at the 1'' bore position on fixtures manufactured after 11-01-06. Stock Number: BM-202M