7500-700 7" Flush bolt Fixture


Use this rugged fixture to create flush bolts...it will save you time and money!

This fixture allows for a perfect consistent cut for 7”/ flush bolts in one pass. This aluminum fixture is extremely durable and preps doors for flush bolt installation with consistent accuracy. Dedicate a router to this fixture for maximum labor savings. For use on standard 3/4"/ x 7"/ hardware only.

  • Use with most standard T-Astragals
  • Increase operator safety
  • Aluminum body will not rust
  • Micro length adjustment for variation in hardware length
  • Precision machining for exact hardware fit
  • Portable –/ ideal for shop or job site
  • Cuts labor dramatically
  • No more damaged doors due to improper routing.
  • For 1-3/8”/ to 2-1/4”/ doors