26-0036-01 Magnum Rev7 DEW616 converting kit


This kit is for Magnum and Pro models serial number DJ-1700M through DJ-1955M.

The early Magnum machines used a Black & Decker or De Walt motor that is no longer available. The motor that is currently available from De Walt has a different depth adjustment and will not work properly in these machines as built. This kit converts the early Magnum butt router assemblies to use the De Walt DW616 router motor.

17-248 are the instruction for this kit

The 26-0036-01 DW 616 Butt Router Conversion Kit applies to the Magnum series machine revision "7". The kit upgrades the old router to the new DeWalt 616 router. Note: Router bits are not included with this kit. The 1/4" or 5/8" radius bits, with 1/4-28 threads must be purchased separately. The kit will take approximately one and half hours to install including adjustments. Some tear down and assembly is required, and includes removal and replacement of the router base plate, casting, and its associated components. The DeWalt 616 router utilizes a quick disconnect power cord at the motor. To take advantage of this feature and remove excess cord length, some of the electrical components have been changed. Some of the electrical components have been pre-assembled to minimize replacement time and wiring. When the installation is complete, adjustments are necessary to ensure that proper carriage alignment is achieved. A detailed adjustment procedure is included in the kit. To reduce the risk of personal injury, make sure that the appropriate safety standards are followed. Proper Lockout- Tagout procedures protect you from the dangers of accidental or unexpected startup of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service and maintenance activities. It is a requirement for general industry by OSHA. If problems are encountered during the installation, please call the Norfield Service Department at (800) 824-6242.