WOO58 5/8" Radius single corner chisel

  • Reinforced plastic body.
  • Spring-loaded corner chisel for hinge application.
  • A simple tap of the mallet on this spring-loaded corner chisel squares up router-cut radiused hinge mortises for perfect fitting hinges - lift the chip with a chisel and you're done:

    • Easy to align and cleans up after 1/2" mortising bits quickly for clean, crisp and square corners.
    • Also works great for cleaning up corners for installing backings and for picture frames.
    • Ideal for use with all softwoods and low density hardwoods
    • Cutting edges easily resharpened with a hand file.
    • Round edges to 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4" radii.
    • Use one size smaller tool to "break" the edge and follow with the finishing size.
    • 5-3/4" long hardened tool steel - nickel plated.
    • Works well on pine or fir.
    • For best results we recommend a light honing before use.
    • Edges may be honed using sandpaper and a dowel on the back of the radiused surface.
    • Imported.