TEMADPT Bore master adapter kit


Adapter Kit for Steel & Fiberglass

Quickly pre drills precision cross-bore and edge-bore guide holes in steel and fiberglass doors. Convert your Templaco Bore Master boring jig fixture into a three point, precision guided drill fixture to install cylindrical locksets in metal clad, fiberglass and steel doors. Easy to use, just install the cross-bore bushing adapter into your Bore Master fixture, install your 1” boring bit in your Bore Master fixture and clamp the fixture on the door. Use the 1/4" pilot drill with the 1/2" quick release shank provided, to pre drill the face of the door. After drilling from both sides of the door with the pilot drill, use your 1” edge bore bit and bore into the door edge about 1” but no more. This will mark the location for the fixture when you return it to the door to complete the edge bore. Now remove the fixture and using your own hole saw either 2 1/8" or 1 1/2" depending on the lockset or deadbolt to be installed, bore from each side of the door half way through following the 1/4" pilot holes previously drilled. Return the fixture to the door and using the 1” shallow hole that you drilled previously on the edge of the door align the fixture on the door with the 1” edge bore bit. If you are installing your lockset into doors with wood styles on the edge of the door use the 1" wood boring bit in your Bore Master kit to drill your latch bore. If your door is all metal without a wood style, use the 1/4" pilot hole in the edge of the door as the guide for a metal cutting bit of your choosing. Kit Includes:

  • Cross Bore Bushing Adapter (1)
  • 1/4" Pilot Drill, with 1/2" Quick Release Shank
Stock Number: SM1-ADPT