The clean way to restile and rerail doors!

The STYLIZER provides quick set-up and processing of a variety of preparations or modifications on interior or exterior flush doors. This is the Fixture only, to order the kit go to MFG77000

  • Restile and rerail doors.
  • The router bit cut is made next to the skin on the opposite side of the door from the fence protecting the skin.
  • Repair damaged doors
  • Customize door sizes
  • Install special door hardware
  • Install concealed door bottoms
  • Install hardwood stiles and rails
  • The guide angle can be positioned for either 1-3/8" or 1-3/4" thick doors.
  • Maximum mortise depth is 1-1/4".

Shipping: 26 lbs

1. Remove the stile and core on flush doors to install a new stile.
2. Remove the core on a solid core door to install a new rail.
3. A new stile being installed in a 1-3/8" door.