STRX 3050 Series, heavy duty panel saw


Comes standard with new 12 sealed roller bearing system, a folding stand, wheels for the frame, dual rip gauges, carbide saw blade, a stop and tape, a Milwaukee 15 amp. saw, steel sleeved rollers, a spinning saw insert and a dust collection upgrade and full size frame.

This saw uses 10” blades, the most common blade used in cabinet shops for their table saws and radial arm saws.

It will save the cost of buying expensive specialty blades for cutting veneers, melamine and other difficult to cut materials. This saw can cut 2 7/8” deep with the dust brush removed or 2-1/2” deep with the dust brush in place. It is perfect for trimming doors or other thick stock where a long cross cut or rip cut is needed.

The saw motor is secured using the saw’s mounting screws, a motor support bracket/clamp and a handle support bracket. It uses the dust port in the rear of the saw for dust extraction with a dust shield and hose attaching plate. Will not bevel cut or score cut.

The only upgrade or option not included with this machine is the Mid Fence, Knife Cutter, Spring hold downs and the floating router plate.


  • 15 amp. Saw Motor • Dust port hook up w/hose hook up
  • 2.5 dust hose w/coupler for shop vac
  • Blade lock
  • 10’ steel frame, powder coat finish nickel chrome 1/8” wall 1” steel guide tubes
  •  12 new sealed roller bearings system
  •  Detachable tool plate 
  • 18 injected molded plastic rollers 
  • Wall sleeves 
  • Spring loaded saw counter balance
  • Saw cord holder
  • 2 carriage locks 
  • Folding stand with wheels
  • Stop, bar & tape 
  • Dust port hose with 12 ft. 2” hose and coupler
  • Dual rip gauge • Spinning saw carriage insert
  • Dust brush
  • New Accu-Square™ alignment system


  • 50”, 62”, or 74” Cross Cut 
  • Rip Cut Either Direction and .0156” Accuracy
  • Can use Router in Same Carriage 
  • 2 Carriage locks ensure no play when ripping
  • Able To View Saw Blade and mark on Material
  • 1 simple Squaring Adjustment, Lock in Place
  • Uses Standard 10-1/4” Blade, (Found Everywhere)
  •  2.5” Depth of Cut, Max 2.875
  • Easily Change Saw Blades or Saw if needed.