PRO100 Pro-lok deep lock mortiser


This very precise drilling jig is designed specifically to guide the drilling bit to cut mortises for door locks and their faceplates.

It really is a simple process: mark the lock length on to the door, select the width of mortise cutter that suits your lock, set the depth collar, pass the drill shaft through the jig’s guide bush, lock the jig to the door and using power from your drill, drive the carbide tipped mortise cutter into the door moving up and down; repeat process for the faceplate. This produces a very clean smooth cut and is one of the fastest most accurate ways to cut a mortise. You may also use it to cut hinges. And a power drill with a 13mm chuck running at speeds 2,000 – 3,000 rpm is recommended.

  • Mortise up to 6" deep and 10" long

In addition to the self-centering Mortise Jig with aluminum housing, carrying case and instructions, the Kit includes:

  • 7/8″ Wood Screw Cutter
  • 1″ Wood Screw Cutter
  • 1 1/4″ Wood Screw Cutter
  •  Long Boring Shaft