NOR926 Door Cart Kit


Low cost option...assemble yourself!

The Norfield Cart Kits has been designed to provide you with a sturdy, low cost, and easy to assemble solution to your cart needs.
The kit includes all of the steel parts, bolts, nuts, washers, and casters to build the carts. You supply the 2X4s and the plywood.
While these kits are very useful in their basic form, they can also be used as a platform to create custom carts for your specific needs.

2200lbs cart rating

4 Corner Bracket, Caster Mount
2  Caster, Ridged
2  Caster, Swivel
 1  4 Wheel assembly instructions

Tools required to assembly cart:

•    Saw, for wood cutting
•    Drill Motor
•    3/8 Drill Bit
•    Two 9/16" Wrenches
•  Two 1/2" Wrenches
•    Hammer
•    Two Clamps
   (must open to 5")


Handle Kit Option


  • 2 Handle posts
  • Hardware

Horizontal bar not included