MAJ111 Hit series metal template, lock prep guide

  • Perfect to retrofit for ADA compliance.
  • Fits 1-3/8"/ to 2"/ doors with standard 2-3/4"/ backset or can be used with 3-3/4"/ and 5"/ backset with the HIT-BAK adapter kit (MAJ 5).
  • HIT jigs attach to the door for easy location of all drill points;/ the throughbolt holes &/ anchor plate lugs are quickly and accurately drilled, sparing you laborious measuring and recalculating of hole locations.
  • Compatible with the following lock manufacturers:
    • Arrow Sierra, Assa Brooklyn.
    • Corbin 800 Series.
    • Omnilock
    • Russwin 800 Series
    • Sargent LN.
    • Schlage Rhodes
    • Yale.