26-6816-00: 95/Signature Magnum Keyed E-stop Replacement Kit


This kit is for all Magnum models with a serial number of DJ-2001 through DJ-2673.

The machines in the affected serial number range used a keyed e-stop switch. The e-stop would be locked during the bit change operation. These switches were either the S&S or the AB E-series. Both of these have been discontinued by the manufacture. With serial number DJ-2674 the Magnum began using the AB F-series switches and a non keyed e-stop switch was used. These later machines have a key in the bit change switch. This kit replaces the e-stop switch, on the earlier machines, with the AB F-series keyed switch. This retains the ability to lockout the machine during the bit change operation.

17-320 are the instruction for this kit