26-6815-00 Cycle Counter Upgrade


This kit is for all Magnum models with a serial number of DJ-2835-95 and later

The installation requirements for adding a settable and a non-resettable cycle counter to the field population of Signature and 95 Magnum machines. The resettable cycle counter is for customer use, and located on the Latch Drill shroud. The non-resettable is for Service use to establish PM schedules, and located in the main or aux electrical enclosure depending on the machine.

Drilling templates are provided for installation of both counters. The resettable counter is pre-mounted on an adapter plate and flush mounted to the latch drill shroud through a 2 1/4” hole. The counter is air operated off the lock drill solenoid via 5/32” tubing.

The non-resettable counter is electrically operated and installed in the aux electrical enclosure on Sig Mags DJ 2674-95 through DJ 2835-95. On Sig Mags below DJ 2674-95, and 95 Mags it is mounted in the main electrical enclosure, and wire to a terminal strip in the wire way.

Included in this kit:

Part No.DescriptionQty
12-797 Resettable Counter (Pneu) 1
11-1438 Non-resettable Counter (Elect) 1
17-323 Installation Guide 1
6800-047 Adapter Plate 1
FIX-D-005 Drill Plate 1
FIX-D-004 Drill Plate 1
21-170 Male Elbow 90DEG 1/2PX1/2T 1
21-135 Union Tee,5/32"T 1
TUBING5/32RED Tubing 5/32" OD 6 ft
BHCS-0.112x40x0.50 4-40x1/2BHCS 2
LN-0.112x40 4-40 Locking Hex nut 2
BHCS-0.164x32x0.50 BHCS 8-32x1/2 4
PPH-0.164x32x0.50 PPH 8-32x1/2" 4
HN5-0.164x32 #8 Hex Nut 8
FW-0.188x0.438x0.068 #8 Flat Washer 8
LW-0.174x0.250x0.02 #8 Lock Washer 8
TC 344A Cable Tie Mount 4
TY23M Cable Tie 4
RB44 Butt Splice 2
WIRE20-1B Wire, Black, 20 AWG 10ft
WIRE20 Wire, White, 20 AWG 3ft