26-5805-00: 450 Side Jamb Reference kit


This kit is for all 450 Flow through stichers up to serial number LS-6060. LS-6061 and above were built with this stop system.

The 450 holds the stop a fixed distance from the edge of the jamb as the jamb is processed through the machine. The jamb and the stop are held only in a short area near the nailer. This is to allow for some curvature of the jamb without effecting the position of the stop. As a result it is easy for the operator to position the jamb incorrectly. This kit gives the operator a positive location to locate the edge of the jamb that is farther from the nailer. This helps the operator correctly position the jamb, and then when the cycle is started the side stop is retracted allowing for the curvature of the jamb.

17-529 are the instruction for this kit