LIG1 Moisture meter lignomat

  • One 9V battery –/ more than 5,000 readings!
  • Moisture problems such as shrinking and warping can be avoided by using the Mini-Ligno.
  • Pins measure up to 7/16"/ deep, permitting core readings in lumber up to 5/4.
  • To obtain core readings in thicker lumber, make a fresh cut and measure the end grain.
  • Comes with two sets of interchangeable pins with measuring depths of 3/16"/ and 7/16"/.
  • Automatically calibrates for decreasing battery voltage.
  • 2-position switch compensates for different species.
  • A chart for wood species and corresponding wood groups is included.
  • Instrument and cap are built of high-impact plastic for years of use.
  • Cap serves as gun-type grip for easy pin insertion and also covers pins for safe transport.