910-058 PRO-TECT door plugs, 1000 per box


The PRO-TECT™ door spacer & plug is designed to be easily integrated into the manufacturing workflow. The PRO-TECT door spacer insure pre-hangers that the doors leaving their factory will stay immobilized until the installer unpackages the unit.

The patented rubber spacer prevents the door slab from rubbing on the frame during transport while providing the door installer with the exact spacing the prehung was manufactured with.


*Engineered to fit the edge of an 1-¾” thick prehung door. Works on 2-⅜” & 2-¾” backset bores*

Because it’s designed to be applied in your shop as the pre-hung door is being assembled, the PRO-TECT™ PLUG guarantees proper door assembly before packaging and shipping the prehung unit. In addition, by inserting the rubber door spacer between the door and frame, the SHIMPAD™ eliminates shipping damage that can happen as doors travel to the job-site. As a result, the shipping plug helps to immobilize the pre-hung until installation. Lastly, the rubber SHIMPAD™ provides the door installer with the exact spacing the pre-hung was manufactured with.

The door spacers are molded from a soft rubber (TPV) because this soft rubber is ideal for protecting pre-finishing on both painted and stained door systems during shipping and handling. In other words, if you’re looking for a premium door plug – this is it!

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