FRE90M010 10" Thin stock non ferrous metal saw blade


Cutting Thin Aluminum And Other Non-Ferrous Metals

This blade produces a smooth, burr-free finish when cutting thin aluminum, brass and other non-ferrous metal extrusions. A high tooth count with a 5° hook angle allows the teeth to slice efficiently through the material without binding. The requirements on the cutting edge greatly differ with nonferrous metals than with cutting wood. With this in mind, Freud formulated a special carbide with high impact strength for this blade. Freud recommends use of a liquid lubricant when cutting non-ferrous materials. This can be accomplished with a spray of WD-40 or other similar type of lubricant every 4 or 5 cuts. Wax sticks are not recommended.

  • Positive Hook Angles produce a smoother cut with less material distortion and burr free cuts.
  • Freud Made TiCo™ Carbide designed to cut non-ferrous metals - extends tooth life and withstands impact.
Additional Specs:

  • Silver ICE Coating
  • 10" Diameter
  • 100 TCG FLAT Teeth
  • 5/8" Arbor
  • .110 Kerf
  • .087 Plate