13-612 Insert lock drill bit with flat, 2-1/8" diameter

Reduce bit changeover time and eliminate sharpenings!
This insert tool reduces your cost per lock cut and save you money!

Purchase the starter kit today and you won't need to continually sharpen or buy new bits - you simply replace the raker knives, center point and scoring spurs. Changeover is faster because you don't need to pull the bit out of the machine. Two double-sided raker knives, center point and scoring spurs come with the kit. It is like getting two bits! Then, you just purchase carbide replacement knives as you need them - they come in boxes of ten. We stock all the replacement parts.

Kit includes:

    • Insert Lock Drill Bit

Complete with:

  • Center Point
  • Double edged raker knives
  • Double edged scoring spurs
  • Spare torx key
  • 5-3/4" Overall length
  • 1/2" Shank diameter
  • Flat on shank
  • Also known as part number NOR77642