Time Fold Series

Interior or exterior, metal, wood or fiberglass, metal door assembly with lite with lite insertion in less than three minutes

Standard features

    Station A
  • Place door on station
  • Pull hinge, jamb and sweep
  • Install hinges
  • Install shipping clips
  • Install sweep
    Station B
  • Pull head, strike jamb, sill
  • Staple side jambs to head jamb
  • Caulk side jambs for sill
  • Position sill and clamp
  • Staple side jamb to sill
  • Screw shipping clip to jamb
    Station C
  • Pull and install brick mould
  • Install shipping braces
  • Add instructions and labels
  • Mark customer id


    Assembly Master and Tilt Master :
  • Jamb supports (set of 4)
  • Head/sill clamp module
  • Air hose assemblies
  • Connector brackets
    Assembly Master Options:
  • Hardware trays hold hinges, screws, etc., for easy access (set of 2)
  • Lite insertion module includes a padded table that easily lifts the lite into the door cutout for assembly


Capabilities Min Max
Door Width 2'6" 3'0"
Door Height 6'8" 7'0"
Approx. Shipping Weight 650 lbs
Floor Space 7.5' x 2.5'
Height 40"
Air 8-10CFM @ 90PSI